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divine law that requires people to perform the duties of their caste
a) dharma
b) karma
c) reincarnation
d) theocracy

the consequences of how a person lives
a) reincarnation
b) theocracy
c) karma
d) dharma

a government controlled by religious leaders
a) theocracy
b) nirvana
c) dharma
d) reincarnation

the idea of passing though many lives to be united with Brahman
a) nirvana
b) karma
c) dharma
d) reincarnation

a state of wisdom
a) nirvana
b) karma
c) dharma
d) theocracy

_______ is one of the oldest religions in the world and is today's third largest.
a) Buddhism
b) Aryanism
c) Hinduism
d) Brahmanism

In Hinduism, the universal spirit, or creator, is called
a) Siva.
b) Brahman.
c) Krishna.
d) Indra,

Buddhism was founded by ________ around 600 b.c.
a) Dalai Lama
b) Siddhartha
c) Sarawati
d) Lakshmi

The Buddha believed that the only way to find truth was to give up
a) your family
b) your home
c) all desires
d) wisdom

The two groups of Buddhists who spread Buddha's ideas to Southeast Asia were
a) Ceylon and Sri Lanka
b) Myanmar and Thailand
c) Cambodia and Laos
d) Theravada and Mahayana

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