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Which community is in the Western region of the United States?
a) Bozeman, Montana
b) Stamford, Connecticut
c) Charelston, South Carolina
d) Omaha, Nebraska

Which of these is a landform that you can see in the Southwest region of the United States?
a) canyons
b) cactuses
c) snakes
d) bridges

Farmers in the Southwest region bring water for their crops. What is this called?
a) irrigation
b) mining
c) adobe
d) panning

What have people done to forests to meet human needs?
a) They cut the trees to use for lumber to build houses.
b) They bring in water so the trees can grow.
c) They heat homes and offices
d) They wear warm clothing, such as hats and scarves.

Why is the climate of Kauai, Hawaii, different from the climate in Barrow, Alaska?
a) Kauai is much closer to the equator than Barrow.
b) Kauai is surrounded by water and Barrow is not.
c) Kauai is much farther away from the equator than Barrow.
d) Barrow is in the Northeast region.

a useful material that comes from the earth...
a) natural resource
b) ecosystem
c) climate
d) landform

Which would you not take on a vacation in Kauai?
a) a winter coat
b) a bathing suit
c) sunglasses
d) shorts and T-shirt

How have Pueblo indians adapted to living in their climate?
a) They have built adobe houses with thick walls
b) They make beautiful pottery to sell in markets
c) They wear warm coats all year long
d) They live surrounded by mountains

Which is an important natural resource in California?
a) gold
b) oil
c) miners
d) homes

What are two ways to conserve natural resources?
a) use less and recycle
b) recycle and dig oil wells
c) dig deep into the earth and use less of them
d) use as much as you can and recycle them

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