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Which of the following is not a type of word processing software?
a) PowerPoint
b) Word
c) Notepad
d) Wordpad

Which of the following is not a use for word processing software?
a) Calculate Numbers
b) Write Report
c) Create Title Page
d) Restaurant Menu

Which is the correct response for Save vs. Save As?
a) Save will save changes, save As will create a new copy
b) Save As will save changes, save will create a new copy
c) Save will put the file in the correct place, Save As replaces your old file
d) Save As will put the file in the correct place, save replaces your old file

What is the formatting mark that appears before items in a list?
a) Bullet
b) Bold
c) Italics
d) Underline

The size of the letters on your screen is called:
a) Point Size
b) Font
c) Graphical Representation
d) Times New Roman

What button is located in the top left-hand corner and contains file menu options?
a) Office Button
b) Quick Access Toolbar
c) Ribbon
d) Ribbon Tabs

What are the shortcut keys to cut text? Ctrl +
a) X
b) C
c) U
d) T

What are the shortcut keys to undo? Ctrl +
a) Z
b) Y
c) X
d) V

What are the shortcut keys to redo? Ctrl +
a) Y
b) Z
c) X
d) V

What are the shortcut keys to paste? Ctrl +
a) V
b) X
c) Y
d) Z

What is the word for an entire Excel file?
a) Workbook
b) Worksheet
c) Cell
d) File

What is the selected cell called in Excel?
a) Active Cell
b) Chosen Cell
c) Highlighted Cell
d) Cell

What does the formula bar display?
a) What is in the active cell
b) The name of the active cell
c) The formula you typed into the cell
d) The current row

What is the default view in Microsoft Word?
a) Print Layout
b) Web Layout
c) Reading View
d) Outline View

Identified by letters going up and down are the:
a) Columns
b) Rows
c) Cells
d) Active Cells

What is the default view in Microsoft PowerPoint?
a) Normal View
b) Slide Show View
c) Slide Sorter View
d) Reading View

What is the 7x7 rule?
a) No more than 7 words per line or 7 lines per slide
b) Slides can only be 7inches by 7inches
c) Words on your slides can only have 7 letters
d) The title should not be larger than 7mm x 7mm

What is the main purpose of presentation software?
a) To help us out, as an aide, when we give a presentation or speech
b) To give our presentation for us
c) To display all of the words we're going to say in our presentation
d) To show pictures to our audience

In which type of software will you most likely use all of the view buttons?
a) Presentation (PowerPoint)
b) Spreadsheet (Excel)
c) Word Processing (Word)
d) E-mail (Gmail)

What is the term for a set of design elements that can be applied to slides. These are built in to PowerPoint.
a) Themes
b) Designs
c) Placeholders
d) Background Sets

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