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a) live in water and contain chlorophyll
b) live on land and contain chlorophyll
c) live in water and contain various pigments
d) live on land and contain various pigments

Which kind of algae provides most of the worlds food?
a) multicellular phytoplankton
b) multicellular seaweeds
c) unicellular phytoplankton
d) unicellular seaweeds

Which protist has qualities of autotrophs and heterotrophs?
a) Euglenoids
b) Red algae
c) Dinoflagellates
d) Brown algae

What are protozoans?
a) heterotrophs that can move
b) heterotrophs that cant move
c) autotrophs
d) protist producers

__________ use pseudopodia to move and get food
a) amoebas
b) zooflagellates
c) cilliates
d) dinoflagellates

Which of the following is not true regarding the cilliate known as the paramecium
a) they reproduce by asexual reproduction
b) they have a macronucleus that controls the cell
c) they have a micronucleus that is involved in reproduction
d) none of the choices

Which heterotrophs that can't move produce spores?
a) spore forming protists and water molds
b) spore forming protists and slime molds
c) spore forming protists, water molds, and slime molds
d) water molds and slime molds

What is not a difference between water molds and slime molds
a) water molds live in the water while slime molds live on land
b) slime molds are capable of movement at some point in their life cycle
c) water molds produce seeds while slime molds produce spores
d) none of the choices

What is the most common type of seaweed?
a) red algae
b) brown algae
c) green algae
d) phytoplankton

What is the most diverse group of seaweed?
a) green algae
b) brown algae
c) red algae
d) phytoplankton

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