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What do you need to type?
a) A keyboard
b) A screen
c) A memory stick
d) A CPU

You can save files in a portable...
a) memory stick
b) mouse
c) port
d) loudspeaker

What do you use to connect many computers by a telephone line?
a) A modem
b) A monitor
c) A hard disk
d) A memory stick

How do you call a portable computer that is smaller than a laptop?
a) Netbook
b) CPU
c) Memory stick
d) Portable disk

Hardware within a computer that sends signals to control computer programs.
a) A CPU
b) A monitor
c) A screen
d) A mouse

Where do you insert your memory stick?
a) Inside a port
b) Inside the screen
c) Inside a cable
d) Inside a key

What do you mainly use to get paper copies of word files?
a) A printer
b) A scanner
c) A CPU
d) A modem

You need to convert printed material to digital form. What do you use?
a) A scanner
b) A printer
c) A slot
d) A port

What do you need to connect the CPU and the monitor?
a) Cables
b) Slots
c) Ports
d) Mouses

When you can't type, you can control the cursor with...
a) a mouse
b) a laptop
c) a netbook
d) a modem

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