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Which statement BEST explains why the terms “Bourbon Triumvirate” was most appropriate for Joseph Brown, Alfred Colquitt, and John Gordon?
a) The three men were political rulers drawn together by power and political goals
b) The three men ruled the state consecutively for a period of 30 years
c) The three men shared a strong belief in white supremacy or white superiority
d) The three men were known for excessive business practices and high profit motives

The Bourbon Triumvirate declined in power because;
a) They raised taxes
b) Did not help the poor
c) Republicans gained power
d) The ideas of the “New South” were more important

As the leader of the New South movement, what was Henry Grady supporting?
a) Blacks leaving the South to work in the North
b) Southerners growing more cotton for export
c) Northern investment in southern industry
d) Southern investment in northern factories

The New South, envisioned by Henry W. Grady, would;
a) Provide separate facilities for different races
b) Maintain its southern heritage
c) Rival the North economically
d) Promote tourism

The main purpose of the International Cotton Exposition that was held in Atlanta was to;
a) Showcase the industries of the New South
b) Get ideas from foreign countries
c) Showcase the cotton gin
d) Bring visitors to Atlanta

What Georgia Populist leader called on black and white farmers to unite in an effort to gain fair treatment from the state and national government?
a) Joseph E. Brown
b) Henry Grady
c) Hoke Smith
d) Tom Watson

What was Tom Watson’s greatest accomplishment?
a) A voting bill for women
b) The Rural Free Delivery bill
c) A bill to provide meat inspections
d) A bill to increase the minimum wage

The murder trial of Leo Frank resulted in a;
a) mistrial
b) hung jury
c) lynching
d) death sentence

The county unit system allowed;
a) the larger counties to have more power than the smaller ones
b) a candidate to carry the most populated counties but lose the election
c) a candidate to be elected only if he or she had a majority of the popular vote
d) a candidate to carry only the most populated counties in order to win the election

Who benefited from the county unit system?
a) cities
b) rural areas
c) metro regions
d) heavily populated counties

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