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Which of the following events occurred last?
a) Japan annexed Korea.
b) Korea became a Japanese protectorate.
c) Japan drove Russian troops from Korea.
d) China and Japan agreed to remain neutral regarding Korea.

Which of the following pairs of rulers tried to modernize their countries?
a) Guangxu and Mutsuhito
b) Cixi and Porfirio Diaz.
c) José Martí and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
d) Theodore Roosevelt and Alvaro Obregón

Which of the following resulted in the establishment of a rebel government in southeastern China that lasted about ten years?
a) the Taiping Rebellion
b) the Boxer Rebellion
c) the Meiji reforms
d) the Guangxu reforms

Which of the following statements best summarizes Santa Anna's career?
a) He won the battle of the Alamo and later served as Mexican ambassador to the United States.
b) He helped win independence from Spain, and served as Mexico's president, but lost much territory to the United States.
c) After serving as president, he lost a bitter war to the United States and then became a permanent exile.
d) After losing a war to the United States, he seized power at home and served as dictator of Mexico for 20 years.

Which of the following was a result of the Sino-Japanese War?
a) China was forced out of Korea.
b) China and Japan signed a hands-off agreement on Korea.
c) Russia was forced out of Manchuria and Korea.
d) Korea was divided into Chinese and Japanese spheres of influence.

Which of the following was a result of the Spanish-American War?
a) Spain lost control of of its remaining colonies.
b) Panama gained its independence.
c) Cuba became independent both in name and in reality.
d) The United States granted independence to its remaining colonies.

Which of the following was NOT a reason for political instability in Latin America?
a) caudillos who implemented untested reforms that backfired
b) upper classes who supported caudillos to keep power from the lower classes
c) former Spanish colonies with little experience with self-rule
d) corrupt governments which served to enrich the caudillos at the expense of the country

Which two Mexican leaders were most alike in their goals for reforming Mexico?
a) Benito Juárez and Alvaro Obregón
b) Porfirio Díaz and Alvaro Obregón
c) Benito Juárez and Porfirio Díaz
d) Francisco Madero and Porfirio Díaz

Who benefited the most from the granting of extraterritorial rights in 19th century China?
a) foreigners doing business in China
b) Chinse merchants doing business outside of China
c) Chinese government officials
d) Christian converts in China

Why did Britain sell opium to China?
a) to improve the balance of trade between Britain and China
b) to weaken the Chinese people so they could not resist a British invasion
c) to keep the drug in China and therefore out of Britain
d) to make the Chinese more willing to purchase British products

Why was the Mexican Revolution fought?
a) to overthrow the dictator ruling Mexico
b) to free Mexico from Spanish rule
c) to gain back the lands Mexico had lost to the United States
d) to overthrow the emperor imposed by Napoleon III

Which two nations agreed to the Treaty of Kanagawa?
a) Japan and the United States
b) Britain and China
c) Japan and Korea
d) China and Korea

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