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What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine?
a) to discourage European nations from establishing colonies in Latin America
b) to establish the right of the United States to be an international policeman
c) to ensure that the United States would trade with all nations
d) to annex Texas to the United States

What was one major result of the Spanish-American War?
a) The United States became an imperial power in Latin America and the Pacific.
b) The United States established friendlytrade and military relations with Cuba.
c) Colonialism in Latin America was completely ended.
d) Latin Americans were convinced that the United States would defend their liberties.

What led to problems within the self-strengthening movement in China in the 1860s?
a) Officials in the Qing government felt their personal power would be threatened, so it was sabotaged.
b) It was opposed by the Dowager Empress Cixi.
c) It was interrupted by the Opium War and never implemented.
d) It was interrupted by the Taiping Rebellion and never implemented.

What did the Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War have in common?
a) Control of Korea was the target of both.
b) Koreans fought joined the Japanese side in both.
c) Japan lost them both.
d) Both occurred in the early 1900s.

What effect did the visit of Commodore Perry have on the Japanese?
a) The United States and Japan signed the Treaty of Kanagawa.
b) Japan closed all of its ports to Western traders.
c) Japan and China went to war over Korea.
d) Japan attempted to build its own steam-powered navy before Perry returned.

What did the Opium War and the Boxer Rebellion have in common?
a) Chinese resentment of foreign influence led to both.
b) Great Britain was the enemy in both.
c) Hong Xiuquan led the Chinese forces in both.
d) Both were aimed at removing Dowager Empress Cixi.

What did NOT happen as a result of the Opium War?
a) Britain agreed to stop selling opium in China.
b) The treaty of Nanjing was signed.
c) Britain gained control of Hong Kong.
d) China was militarily humiliated.

What American system did the Japanese adopt during the Meiji era?
a) compulsory universal education
b) military draft for all males over 18
c) federal system with separation of powers
d) separate naval and land-based military operations

What action did the United States take to gain the right to build the Panama Canal?
a) It aided Panama's fight for independence from Colombia.
b) It fought the Spanish-American War, defeated Spain, and gained Panama as a result.
c) It supported the leadership of Panama Jack in the Panamanian Rebellion.
d) It bought the isthmus of Panama from Colombia.

Russia and Japan went to war over what issue?
a) Russian presence in Manchuria
b) Japan's colonization of the Philippines
c) trade with the United States and Europe
d) Japan's annexation of Huangdong province.

During the 19th century, how did Latin American countries spend most of the income the received from exports?
a) fighting wars
b) purchasing imported manufactured goods
c) developing independent manufacturing capacity
d) bulding roads, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure

For what is Benito Juárez remembered?
a) for instituting La Reforma while he was president of Mexico
b) for defeating Texans at the siege of the Alamo
c) for luring Emiliano Zapata into a trap and killing him
d) for using strong-arm methods that kept him in power for 25 years

After which nation did Japan decide to model a strong central government during the Meiji era?
a) Germany
b) Britain
c) China
d) the United States

Before the mid-1800s, which one of the following carried on trade with Japan?
a) China
b) Russia
c) the United States
d) Vietnam

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