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What is a R influenced vowel

Synomym for Word Awarness
a) word consciousness
b) Word bank
c) Word sort
d) Word wall

Hare and Hear are exmples of a
a) Vowel
b) Homophone
c) Homonymn
d) Oddball

The W in the word SAW is a
a) Vowel
b) Vowel Placement
c) Vowel Diagraph
d) Vowel Marker

The word Park is an example of a
a) Oddball
b) Rime
c) Homonym
d) Contraction

Students sorting by sound with a partner
a) Open sort
b) Blind sort
c) Mixed sort
d) General Sort

Find the Oddball
a) Ball
b) All
c) Wall
d) Saw

Repeated and timed repeated reading
a) instructional and independent reading-
b) Interactive
c) Read aloud
d) Accelerated Reading

Consants that are related to vowel sounds
a) Simple words
b) Compound word
c) Crazy Vowel
d) complex consonant patterns

Stage of learning where students begin to decode unfamilar words and recognize pattens in chunks
a) Emergent
b) consolidated alphabetic phase
c) Within word
d) Affixes

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