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What did the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution do?
a) It abolished slavery
b) It made blacks citizens
c) It gave blacks the right to vote
d) It gave blacks the right to own property

What was the purpose of the Freedmen’s Bureau?
a) to help former slaves
b) to help all free people in the South
c) to help all poor people in the South
d) to help former slaves and poor whites

What did the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution do?
a) It abolished slavery
b) It made blacks citizens
c) It gave blacks the right to vote
d) It gave blacks the right to own property

The BEST description of the Freedmen’s Bureau during Reconstruction was that it;
a) registered newly freed slaves to vote
b) helped the newly freed slaves adjust to the New South
c) provided education, training, and social services for newly freed slaves
d) managed the distribution of farm land and animals to newly freed slaves

Sharecroppers paid their landowners by;
a) Paying monthly rental or lease fees
b) Allowing landowners to use their equipment
c) Providing labor and a large percentage of the crop
d) Agreeing to work without pay for five to seven years

How were tenant farmers different from sharecroppers?
a) Tenant farmers owned all their equipment
b) Tenant farmers usually made a small profit
c) Tenant farmers bought their seed from the owner
d) Tenant farmers usually didn’t pay rent for their houses

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed in response to;
a) the adoption of laws known as Black Codes by the southern states
b) the rising violence from terrorist organizations such as the KKK
c) the refusal of white southerners to provide freedmen with land and farm animals
d) the refusal of some southern states to adopt constitutional provisions calling for an end to slavery and involuntary servi

Which statement BEST describes the most important difference between the Reconstruction plans of President Lincoln and the radical Congress?
a) Lincoln’s plan involved bringing the nation back together to heal the wounds of war.
b) The Congressional plan sought to punish the South and prevent its reentry into the Union.
c) The Congressional plan treated the southern states like conquered provinces requiring Congress to monitor the treatment of
d) Lincoln’s plan required loyalty oaths and sought to help the South reenter the Union quickly.

Which of these would have been a goal of the Ku Klux Klan in the south during Reconstruction?
a) making sure Reconstruction went smoothly
b) assisting the scalawags and carpetbaggers
c) ensuring that freedmen had the right to vote
d) restoring southern Democrats to political power

Henry McNeal Turner was expelled from his seat in the Georgia state legislature because;
a) he did not win the election fairly and honestly
b) he did not have the knowledge to be a legislator
c) he did not live in the district from which he was elected
d) he did not have the right to hold political office according to the constitution

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