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Agriculture is another word for_____
a) painting
b) buildings
c) dancing
d) farming

Japan's government is________
a) unlimited
b) constitutional monarchy
c) dictatorship
d) run by dragon ball zzz

What is the most popular religion of China?
a) Christianity
b) Buddhism
c) Hinduism
d) Judaism

Movies in India are based on a Hindu religious theme called_____?
a) Hollywood
b) Dollywood
c) Bollywood
d) none of the above

Is India's holiday, Diwali, a religious holiday?
a) True
b) False
c) Only if it falls on a holy day
d) wrong answer

Totalitarian government means the same as______.
a) constitutional monarchy
b) dictatorship controlled government
c) Limited government
d) freedom

Most popular religion in India would be?
a) Sikhism
b) Buddhism
c) Hinduism
d) Judaism

Democracy means that people have a civic responsibility to vote.
a) False
b) True
c) Not this button
d) Not this button

Complete this analogy: North Korea______ South Korea________
a) communist, democracy
b) Constitutional Monarchy, unlimited
c) unlimited, communist
d) limited , unlimited

India has the largest __________ government.
a) Constitutional Monarchy
b) communist
c) unlimited
d) democracy

What are seasonal winds that bring good drinking water and water crops in the summer months in India?
a) hurricanes
b) tsunamis
c) monsoons
d) El Nino

What China accomplishment brought energy, and prevented floods for the Chinese.
a) The Great Wall
b) Three Gorges Dam
c) Silk road
d) None of the above

Most of Southeast Asia has what type of economic activity?
a) fishing
b) tourism
c) service industries
d) agriculture

Population Density means?
a) How many farmers farming near the river.
b) How many people live in one area.
c) How many people live in the Eastern part of China.
d) How crowded Asia is.

How could we persuade North Koreans to leave their country?
a) Make friends with them by the way of the internet
b) Release flyers saying that limited government is bad
c) Release flyers saying unlimited government is good and that they should stay.
d) Release flyers saying limited government allows personal freedoms

What is the theme of culture of the Silk Road?
a) economy
b) government
c) customs
d) religion

What economic activity is significant in South Asia?
a) Service industries
b) Agriculture (farming)
c) construction
d) manufacturing

The Great Wall of China ....._______.
a) is the shortest wall in China
b) protects China from the Mongols
c) is a trading route to Europe
d) was made by the Terra Cotta soldiers

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