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Which sentence uses a pronoun?
a) We took the map out of the case.
b) Charlie took the bike to the fair.
c) Barbara has many cats.
d) Grammar is a very difficult class.

Which sentence uses a pronoun?
a) Mrs. Stewart teaches everyday.
b) St. Michael school is in Livermore.
c) The students took turns using it.
d) The parents are very supportive of the school.

Which sentence uses a possessive pronoun?
a) Marty Mcfly is a fictional character in a movie.
b) We've taken his class before, and it is a challenge.
c) Algebra has many different equations.
d) I own this movie, and you are not getting it back.

Which sentence uses an interrogative pronoun?
a) What is your favorite food?
b) I like ketchup on it as well.
c) Can you buy me some extra large fries?
d) Is that my soda you just drank from?

Which sentence uses a demonstartive pronoun?
a) Why is there a muddy bootprint on my couch?
b) To whom do these dirty pants belong?
c) Whose socks are laying on the floor?
d) Those are some lovely shoes you have there.

Which sentence uses a reflexsive pronoun?
a) The children spilled icecream all over themselves.
b) My mother herself made that cake.
c) The clown himself blew up the ballons with a pump.
d) The kids can play in the bouncy house themselves.

Which sentence uses an intensive pronoun?
a) His father built himself a boat.
b) Amy kicked herself in the shin on accident.
c) I bit myself while chewing to fast.
d) The pony itself was a champion.

What is a subject pronoun?
a) It is a word that takes place of a subject in a sentence.
b) It is a word that replaces a verb in the sentence.
c) It is a word that replaces the object of a sentence.
d) It receives the action of a sentence.

What is an object pronoun?
a) It is a pronoun that receives the action of the sentence.
b) It is the subject of a class.
c) It is a flavor of ice cream.
d) It is a pronoun that shows ownership.

What is the difference between a reflexsive and intensive pronoun?
a) Reflexsive pronouns perform an action onto themselves, intensive pronouns emphasize a point.
b) Reflexsive pronouns don't make sense when used as an object, intensive pronouns are always verbs.
c) Reflexsive pronouns ask questions, intensive pronouns show ownership.
d) Reflexsive pronouns end in -self, intensive pronouns end in -selves.

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