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Jefferson's biggest mistake as President
a) Impressment
b) Louisiana Purchase
c) War of 1812
d) Embargo Act

Meeting that led to the end of the Federalist Party
a) Seneca Falls Convention
b) Hartford Convention
c) New Orleans Convention
d) Convention of 1815

Name the biggest American victory of the war of 1812?
a) Toronto
b) Washington DC
c) New Orleans
d) Great Lakes

This issue was a key cause of the War of 1812
a) Hopes of attaining territory
b) Arming of Indians
c) All of these
d) Impressment

Name the leader who gained national fame at New Orleans
a) George Washington
b) James Madison
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Tecumseh

The time of political harmony after the War of 1812 was called...
a) Age of Madison
b) Era of Patriotism
c) Era of Good Feelings
d) Era of Trust

This foreign policy statement warned European nations to stay out of our hemisphere
a) Monroe Doctrine
b) Madison Doctrine
c) Laissez Faire Policy
d) Era of Good Feelings

Washington's Secretary of War was...
a) Hamilton
b) Madison
c) Lee
d) Knox

This incident proved the effectiveness of the new Constitution
a) Stono Rebellion
b) Bacon's Rebellion
c) Whiskey Rebellion
d) Shays Rebellion

Name the scandal over bribes with France during the Federalist Era
a) Impressment
b) Jay's Treaty
c) The Paris Incident
d) XYZ Affair

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