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A huge building with four sloping triangular shaped walls
a) pyramid
b) giza
c) mummy
d) afterlife

Egyptians believed in the _________, which means their soul will meet back up with their body after they die.
a) Giza
b) pyramid
c) afterlife
d) mummy

The Great Pyramid is located in _________.
a) Lower Nubia
b) Giza
c) pyramid
d) Upper Nubia

Hatshepsut was a _________ for her stepson.
a) artisan
b) mummy
c) pharaoh
d) regent

Another name for a large waterfall is ________.
a) cataract
b) silt
c) delta
d) Nubia

The black soil left by the Nile River floods is called ________.
a) delta
b) silt
c) Giza
d) cataract

The Nile River ________ is located at the mouth of the river, where it empties into the Mediterranean Sea.
a) delta
b) cataract
c) Lower Nubia
d) Upper Nubia

When rulers from the same family control Egypt for a period of time....
a) absolute power
b) regent
c) pharaoh
d) dynasty

The area of Nubia that is located farther south in Egypt...
a) Lower Egypt
b) Giza
c) Upper Nubia
d) Lower Nubia

A mineral combination mined for the production of metals is called _________.
a) ore
b) astronomer
c) papyrus
d) artisan

Someone who studies the stars and planets...
a) hieroglyphs
b) astronomer
c) papyrus
d) regent

An ____________ was part of the middle class because they had a specific skill.
a) astronomer
b) priest
c) pharaoh
d) artisan

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