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The Treaty of Tordesillas...
a) was between England and France
b) split the earth into two sections , one for spain and the other for portugal
c) was between the Pope and Spain
d) split Spain into Spain and Portugal

Henry Morgan was
a) a pirate
b) a privateer
c) a slave captured by pirates
d) a ship builder

Which of the following is most closely connected to a Letter of Marque
a) Pirate
b) Spain
c) Privateer
d) Portugal

Moctezuma was
a) a type of corn plant
b) floating island
c) Aztec leader
d) Spanish weapon

The thinking that a stronger country has the right to conquer weaker nations and use their resources
a) Treaty
b) Imperalism
c) Nation
d) Humanism

A quipu was
a) type of string used to record history
b) type of camel poop
c) type of string used for making weapons
d) type of clothing worn by warriors

Picture books used by Aztecs to record history
a) Quipu
b) Wampum belt
c) Codex
d) Cave-drawings

A Chinampa was and is
a) type of floating Island used for crops
b) type of clothing
c) type of south american monkey
d) type of weapon

Which of the following is true about Cortes
a) He was a Spanish king
b) He was the person who defeated the Aztecs
c) He was the person who discovered gold
d) He was a pirate

Which of the following pairs of terms are most closely related
a) Quipu and Codex
b) Cortes and King of England
c) Eagle and Spain
d) Pirate and New Spain

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