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Which of the following studies dissected bodies in order to draw them
a) Donatello
b) michelangelo
c) da vinci
d) Raphael

Area around Italy and surrounding countries
a) Baltic
b) Holy Land
c) Silk Road
d) Mediterranean

Name given to type of governments and areas such as Florence known for specific types of products or services. Some known for making weapons, others for clothing.
a) City States
b) Imperalism
c) China Wall Garden
d) Mediteranean States

Which of the following was an envoy ?
a) da vinci
b) Marco Polo
c) Kublai Khan
d) Il Milione

Person supporting the arts by financially supporting artists
a) Renaissance Person
b) Artist
c) City State Citizen
d) Patron

A mapmaker is called
a) Mapographer
b) Geographer
c) Cartographer
d) Land Engineer

Usuary refers to
a) A law against businesses charging too much tax or interest
b) A method of using machinery
c) A law against having slaves
d) A law against wearing cotton if you are a slave

Which of the following is most closely connected to the term il milione
a) da Vinci
b) Crusades
c) Kublai Khan
d) Renaissance Person

The Mona Lisa was
a) Famous painting by Donatello
b) Famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci
c) Famous sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci
d) Famous sculpture by Donatello

David (not a real person) was an example of
a) Fuedalism Art
b) Renaissance Art
c) Fuedalism Sculpture
d) Renaissance Sculpture

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