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The Great Wall of China was built because...
a) Kublai Khan wanted to keep Europeans out of China
b) To protect the silk road
c) China was a city state
d) Mongol warriors were attacking from the North

The crusades were started because
a) The King declared war on Muslim lands
b) Pope Urban II asked people to invade the Muslim lands
c) People wanted riches
d) Muslims declared war on Christians

Which of the following is a true statement
a) Renaissance sculpture was very realistic (looked most human in details)
b) Renaissance Art was not very colorful
c) Fuedalistic Art was very colorful
d) Fuedalistic sculpture was very human liek in details

This invention changed the speed of ideas being spread during the renaissance
a) Printing press
b) Travel Roads
c) Ships
d) Telephone

Thinking that each person is important and can solve problems. This type of thinking was a major type of thought during the Renaissance
a) Ethics
b) Personal beliefs
c) Humanism
d) Renaissance Art

Famous route for travel and trading between Europe and Asia
a) City States
b) Crusade Road
c) Silk Road
d) Camel route path

A person who is good at many different things.
a) Renaissance person
b) New Age person
c) Changed person
d) Feudalistic person

Emporer of China during the travels of Marco Polo
a) Zeng He
b) Henry Morgan
c) Ghengis Khan
d) Kublai Khan

What was the Holy Land
a) Area around present day Africa
b) Place where Aztecs first lived
c) Area pope urban II sent the crusades
d) Area around Italy

A traveler and explorer who explored China
a) Marco Polo
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Bernard Davinci
d) Tyson Jacobichian

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