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The girl is in hot water.
a) The girl is in trouble.
b) The girl is having fun.
c) The girl is taking a bath.
d) The girl is studying for a test.

The boys do not see eye to eye.
a) The boys do not agree.
b) The boys do not have fun.
c) The boys do not see each other.
d) The boys do not know each other.

The car can sop on a dime.
a) The car can sop quickly.
b) The car can stop easily.
c) The car can stop quietly.
d) The car can stop slowly.

a) great deeds
b) loyal friends
c) difficult jobs
d) interesting travels

It is raing cats and dogs.
a) There is a lot of rain.
b) The rain is just beginning.
c) The rain is coming in large drops.
d) There is snow mixed with th rain.

a) made hundreds of years ago
b) made to work using oil
c) made after electricity was invented
d) made from different kinds of materials

a) poor knowledge
b) great concern
c) bad temper
d) high fever

a) bothered
b) joined
c) visited
d) entertained

a) changed
b) thrown
c) stuffed
d) lifted

Mindy is as sharp as a tack.
a) Mindy is smart.
b) Mindy is angry.
c) Mindy is jealous.
d) Mindy is silly.

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