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The students thought the homework assignment was _____.
a) manageable
b) managent
c) managant
d) manageism

My sister is ____ to playing soccer.
a) agreeable
b) agreent
c) agreeant
d) agreeist

The firefighter was given a medal for her ____.
a) heroism
b) heoist
c) heroible
d) heroable

The young boy dreamed of becoming a ___.
a) scientist
b) scientism
c) scientible
d) scientable

a) least
b) easiest
c) horrible
d) generous

a) city law
b) natural disaster
c) imaginary friend
d) division problem

a) given
b) flung
c) affected
d) dismissed

a) coaxed
b) elected
c) humored
d) disguised

a) good at producing results
b) tired at the end of the day
c) nervous in front of an audience
d) selfish when asked to share with others

The color of the butterfly macthed the leaf, making it almost _____.
a) invisiible
b) invisient
c) invisiant
d) invisiblist

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