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Song is to music as sport is to
a) game
b) work
c) tune
d) busy

Depart is to wait as rise is to
a) drop
b) stop
c) leave
d) elevate

Division is to multiplication as subraction is to
a) addition
b) subject
c) geometry
d) mathematics

a) version
b) humor
c) bridle
d) detail

a) recipe
b) unique
c) chart
d) mystery

a) obliged, you have to do it
b) elected
c) advised
d) inclined

a) job
b) plot
c) boss
d) treat

a) the act of tearing down
b) the act of creating
c) the acto of repainting
d) the act of choosing furniture

Opinion is to fact as provide is to
a) take
b) give
c) speak
d) truth

Ignore is to notice as agree is to
a) differ
b) regard
c) obtain
d) approve

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