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What is the smallest unit of life?
a) cells
b) blood
c) saliva
d) nucleus

What is the name of the soft outside covering of a cell?
a) cytoplasm
b) nucleus
c) vacuole
d) mitochondria

This controls what comes in and out of a cell
a) cell membrane
b) nucleus
c) cytoplasm
d) vacuole

This is the gel like fluid that fills most of the cell.
a) cytoplasm
b) nucleus
c) vacuole
d) cell

What is the nucleus' job?
a) To control the cell
b) To store waste in the cell
c) To create energy for the cell
d) To keep the cell from getting sick.

What are vacuoles?
a) Storage spaces in the cell.
b) They hold water and nutrients that the other cells need.
c) They hold waste until the cell can get rid of it.
d) All of these.

Some organisms are made of just one cell
a) true
b) false

What is the job of the mitochondria?
a) To make energy for the cell.
b) To store waste
c) To store water.
d) None of these.

All cells are the same size
a) False
b) True

Plants have cells too.
a) True
b) False

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