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Sentence 1 in paragraph 5 must include ______.
a) reasons
b) thesis
c) restated thesis
d) restated position

Sentence 4 in paragraph 5 must begin with ______.
a) In conclusion,
b) Most importantly
c) A final reason
d) Most importantly,

How many sentences are in paragraph 5?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

What is the transition for paragraph 5?
a) Finally,
b) In Concluding,
c) A final reason
d) In conclusion,

What should you do when you finish you essay?
a) finish other homework
b) put it in your red folder
c) select a new topic
d) proofread

Paragraphs 2-5 must begin with__________.
a) quotes
b) positions
c) transitions
d) One reason

The thesis is made up of ______ and _______.
a) reasons and examples
b) a position and topic
c) a transition and reasons
d) a position and reasons

What belongs last in paragraph 1?
a) hook
b) position
c) thesis
d) examples

When because is used in the thesis write _______.
a) such as
b) by
c) examples
d) reasons

When such as is used in the thesis write _______.
a) because
b) by
c) examples
d) reasons

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