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Herbivores and carnivores are _________, but plants and algae are __________.
a) consumers; decomposers
b) omnivores; producers
c) consumers; producers
d) animals; consumers

Grass -- Grasshopper -- Mockingbird represents __________.
a) a food web
b) a food chain
c) an ecosystem
d) a food pyramid

The living aspects of the environment including organisms of the same and different species are called:
a) Abiotic factors
b) Biotic factors
c) Null factors
d) None of the answers

Which of the following are examples of heterotrophs? I. algae II. birds III. fungi IV. humans V. plants
a) I, III, and V only
b) II, III, and IV only
c) I and V only
d) II and IV only

Which of the following is true about the flow of energy within ecosystems?
a) Energy flows both ways between living systems and the physical environment.
b) Energy flows from living systems into the physical environment only.
c) Energy flows from the physical environment into living systems only.
d) Energy does not flow between living systems and the physical environment.

Decomposers are a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem because they
a) are a major food source for herbivores, carnivores, and scavengers.
b) capture energy from the Sun and convert it to chemical potential energy.
c) return nutrients to the environment so matter and energy can begin another cycle.
d) keep populations of herbivores from exceeding the ecosystem's carrying capacity.

The energy for life comes primarily from the Sun. Consumers in an ecosystem get their energy indirectly from the Sun by
a) breathing in warm CO2 from the atmosphere.
b) feeding on photosynthetic organisms or other consumers.
c) drinking warm water from rivers, lakes, and streams.
d) performing photosynthesis.

The Egyption Plower bird gets a free meal by hunting the leeches on the crocodile, and the crocodile in turn gets rid of its leeches. What is the best description for such a relationship?
a) parasitism
b) mutualism
c) commensalism
d) predation

A lion hunts, kills, and feeds on a zebra. The lion is an example of a _______, and the zebra is its _______.
a) parasite; host
b) predator; prey
c) host; parasite
d) prey; predator

A trophic level represents a _________.
a) consumer
b) chemical cycle
c) pyramid
d) feeding level

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