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The first 10 Amendments are called the
a) The Illinois Constitution
b) The U.S. Constitution
c) Bill of Rights
d) Articles of Confederation

What is the supreme law of the land?
a) Ms. Wiza's rules
b) the U.S Constitution
c) the Illinois Constitution
d) the rules of the road

Amendment I:
a) Freedom of speech, religion, press, and to assemble
b) Voting rights
c) Lame Duck
d) Quartering of soldiers

Amendment III
a) Election of Senators
b) Quartering of soldiers is prohibited
c) 18 year olds right to vote
d) Cruel and Unusual punishment

This amendment discusses Congressional Raises
a) Amendment 27 (XXVII)
b) Amendment 28 (XXVIII)
c) Amendment 7 (VII)
d) Amendment 21 (XXI)

The Executive Branch is made up of:
a) Supreme Court
b) Congress
c) House of Representatives
d) President, Vice President, and Cabinet

Amendment VI
a) Trial by Jury
b) Right to a Speedy Trial
c) Due Process
d) Individual Rights

The Legislative Branch is made up of:
a) Vice President
b) President
c) Supreme Court
d) Congress

Amendment XII (12)
a) Prohibition
b) limits president to two year terms
c) Electoral College established
d) Repeals prohibition

Amendment XIX (19)
a) Cruel and Unusual Punishment
b) Abolish slavery
c) Electoral college
d) Women get the right to vote (female suffrage)

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