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If a solution is unsaturated:
a) you can dissolve more solute in it
b) it has no solute in it
c) it is lower in calories
d) it is concentrated

Which is an example of a heterogeneous mixture?
a) vegetable soup
b) gatorade
c) lemonade
d) tea

Homogeneous mixtures are:
a) the same throughout
b) have visibly different particles
c) always liquids
d) combined chemically

Heterogeneous mixtures are:
a) those where the substances do not spread out evenly.
b) the same throughout
c) always solids
d) solutions

There are two containers of Kool-aid. One has 3 tablespoons of Kool-aid mix in 1 quart. One has 3 tablespoons of mix in 2 quarts. Which is more concentrated?
a) The 3 tablespoons in 1 quart
b) The 3 tablespoons in 2 quarts
c) They are even
d) You can't tell since they are different sizes

The substance that is used to dissolve the solute is the:
a) solvent
b) solution
c) reactant
d) water

Which choice is a homogeneous mixture?
a) coffee
b) trail mix
c) oatmeal
d) hot chocolate with marshmallows

Which type of molecule is water
a) polar
b) ionic
c) non-polar
d) precipitate

An alloy is a
a) homogeneous mixture
b) heterogeneous mixture
c) a solid solution
d) a metal compound

Water is an excellent solvent because
a) its a polar molecule that attracts other molecules.
b) its electrons are shared equally.
c) its slightly acidic.
d) it is clear.

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