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Acids have a pH in this range
a) 0-14
b) 0-7
c) 7-14
d) 7-21

What is a property of acids?
a) forms an H+ ion in water
b) it is slippery
c) it tastes bitter
d) it an element

Neutral on a pH scale is
a) 7.0
b) 0.0
c) 3.0
d) 14.0

The substance being dissolved to form a solution is
a) solute
b) solvent
c) precipitate
d) solution

Which is a property of bases?
a) gets neutralized by H+ ions
b) tastes sour
c) has a pH 0-7
d) radioactive

A neutralization reaction between an acid and a base produces:
a) salt and water
b) bubbles and fire
c) a weaker acid and base
d) water and carbon dioxide

Which 2 measure pH?
a) pH meter and pH paper
b) pH scale and cabbage juice
c) litumus paper and pH paper
d) temperature and pressure

Bases have a pH in this range
a) 7-14
b) 0-14
c) 0-7
d) 7-21

Acids taste
a) sour
b) bitter
c) tasteless
d) salty

Bases taste
a) bitter
b) sour
c) tasteless
d) salty

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