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The hormone which helps regulate metabolism is
a) thyroid hormone
b) parathormone
c) insulin
d) glucagon

Estrogen is produced by the
a) testes
b) pituitary
c) ovaries
d) thyroid gland

Growth hormone is produced by the
a) pancreas
b) pituitary
c) adrenal glands
d) ovaries and testes

The hormone that activate the fight or flight response are
a) adrenaline
b) insulin
c) thyroid hormone
d) corticosteroids

The hormone that raises blood sugar by causing cells to convert glycogen to glucose is
a) insulin
b) growth hormone
c) thyroid hormone
d) glucagon

The production of insulin by the pancreas is controlled by
a) positive feedback
b) negative feedback
c) the brain stem
d) the pituitary gland

The tissue on which a hormone acts is the
a) target tissue
b) substrate
c) receptor tissue
d) endocrine gland

Which of the following is a steroid hormone?
a) adrenaline
b) insulin
c) parathormone
d) testosterone

What is the master endocrine gland because it connects the brain to the endocrine system? ?
a) thyroid
b) pituitary
c) adrenal
d) pancreas

The hormone that controls ovaries and testes is made by the
a) thalamus
b) thyroid gland
c) pancreas
d) pituitary gland

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