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What did abolitionists want?
a) to gradually end slavery
b) to buy slaves and set them free
c) to end slavery immediately
d) to help slave catchers return fugitice slaves to their owners

Between what years was the Underground Railroad most active?
a) 1680 and 1700
b) 1780 and 1800
c) 1840 and 1860
d) 1880 and 1900

Who escaped slavery from deep in the South by pretending to be an injured white man?
a) Ellen Craft
b) Harriet Tubman
c) Henry Ingersoll Bowditch
d) John Price

What made the MIssouri Compromise unconstitutional?
a) Dred Scott Decision
b) Kansas - Nebraska Act
c) Compromise of 1850
d) Slavery in the Territories Act

Why was Oberlin a popular destinatino on the Underground Railroad
a) Harriet Tubman lived there
b) It was in Canada
c) Many residents were against slavery
d) Slave catchers never went there

On what grounds did Dred Scott go to court to sue for his freedom?
a) He had escaped from his southern owner to freedom in the north
b) He had never been enslaved
c) his parents had been free so he deserved freedom
d) he should be free because he had lived in a free state

What did Chief Justice Roger Taney say in his opinion in the Dred Scott Case?
a) blacks had no rights to citizenships
b) blacks could remain free if they lived in a free stte for five years
c) blacks were included in the Constitution's statement that all men are created equal
d) Blacks were citizens and deserved all the rights of citizenships

Who led his followers to kidnap and murder five proslavery settlers in Kansas?
a) Stephen Douglas
b) Dred Scott
c) Frederick Douglas
d) John Brown

Why was Kansas called Bleeding Kansas?
a) Proslavery people fought antislavery people in a civil war
b) Free state artillery fired on Kansas' s towns
c) Border ruffians and Free-Soilers fought duels to settle the issue of slavery
d) John Brown beat up CHarles Sumner in Kansas Senate

Who was responsible for Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) Henry Clay
b) Daniel Webster
c) Preston Brooks
d) Stephen A Douglas

Why did some southerners champion the action of Preston Brooks?
a) He debated and defeated Abraham Lincoln
b) He almost caned to death Senator Charles Sumner
c) He massacred proslavery settlers
d) He began a new political party

What new political party formed against the spread of slavery in the western territories?
a) Free Soil Party
b) Republican Party
c) Southern Democrat Party
d) Whig Party

What was the right of residents to vote whether their territory would enter the Union as free or slave state?
a) popular sovereignty
b) Free Soil
c) States' rights
d) Right of Secession

Missouri Compromise made Missouri a slve state, and Maine a free state. What else did the Missouri Compromise do?
a) enforce fugitive slave law
b) instituted popular sovereignty
c) admitted California as a free state
d) Prohibited slavery in Louisiana

Who introduced the Compromise of 1850
a) Stephen Douglas
b) Daniel Webster
c) Henry Clay
d) John C. Calhoun

Why were northerners upset when Daniel Webster voted in favor of the Compromise of 1850?
a) Webster never voted
b) Webster's vote showed he agreeed with John C. Calhoun
c) Webster's vote showed that he supported Civil War
d) Webster's vote supported the fugitive slave law

Which of the following Senatros felt the Compromise of 1850 did not support the South enough?
a) Daniel Webster
b) Henry Clay
c) John C. Calhoun
d) Stephen Douglas

Who helped defend the Amistad Africans?
a) Abolitionists
b) President Van Buren
c) Southern Slaveholders
d) Spanish Government

Why did President Van Buren want to return Aficans to Cuba?
a) He was afraid of them
b) He strongly supported slavery
c) He didn't want to upset southern slaveholders
d) He would be paid a lot ofmoney to di it

Who was Joseph Cinque
a) leader of the Amistad Africans
b) main lawyer who defended the Amistad Africans
c) started England's slave trade in 1562
d) Spanish man who bought the Amistad Africans

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