SKILLS USA PDP REVIEW -6 Question Preview (ID: 1750)

A Review Of PDP.

If there is no second to a motion, the motion is
a) Passed
b) Carried
c) Tabled to the next meeting
d) Lost

Which term listed is NOT a correct item for a business meeting agenda?
a) Committee Reports
b) New Business
c) Unfinished Business
d) Old Business

A basic rule of business meeting is:
a) Rules are enforced by the membership
b) A maximum of two subjects can be discussed at a time
c) Rights of the majority are protected
d) Each member may express opinions

Business meeting represent ______________in action.
a) Nothing
b) People
c) Democracy
d) None of the above

_________________is a complete guide to Parliamentary Procedure.
a) The complete guide to Parlimentary Procedure
b) Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised
c) Advisor's Success Kit
d) Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy

A listing of Personalized Meeting events written in a logical sequence is called a/an:
a) Agenda
b) Order of Business
c) Committee Report Form
d) Program of Work

Which officer is responsible for advising the President about the agenda during the meeting?
a) Vice President
b) Treasurer
c) Reporter
d) Secretary

When a motion is made in a meeting, you
a) Should begin to discuss it
b) Should get up and leave if you don't like it
c) Must vote on it immediately
d) Need a second to discuss it

In a business meeting,
a) Each member has the right to express ideas
b) The decision of the majority must be followed
c) The rights of the minority are protected
d) All of the above

Three taps of the gavel means
a) Sit down
b) Stand up
c) Meeting adjourned
d) Motion passed

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