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What is an important point to remember when making a presentation?
a) Good eye contact
b) good posture
c) speak slowly and clearly
d) all of the above

Training in the opening and closing ceremonies develops:
a) Poise
b) Teamwork
c) Voice Control
d) All of the above

Effective communication is
a) Speaking
b) Listening
c) Both speaking and listening
d) None of the above

When giving a presentation, you should know
a) What the purpose is
b) What you are talking about
c) Why it is important
d) All of the above

When preparing to give a presentation, you should
a) Assume you are the expert or they would not be asking you to present
b) Wing it
c) Practice with a tape recorder
d) All of the above

How many categories of motions are recognized by Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) None of the above

To make a motion at a meeting, you must state your motion by saying:
a) I state that
b) I move that
c) I make the motion that
d) I observe that

When using parliamentary procedure during a regular meeting, the following can be used when taking a vote:
a) Voice
b) Hand
c) Standing
d) All of the above

Which one is a false parliamentary procedure rule?
a) One person presides to enforce the rules?
b) Only one question(subject)can be discussed at a time
c) The decision of the minority of members must be followed
d) Each member should have an opportunity to express an idea or opinion

Who has the right to speak first on a motion?
a) The President
b) The maker of the motion
c) A member in favor of the motion
d) A member opposed to the motion

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