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Which of these does a food chain show?
a) how energy passes to different living things
b) how living things hide from predators
c) how plants produce food from sunlight
d) how much food animals eat

Which of the following are examples of producers?
a) deer and hare
b) trees and grass
c) rabbit and butterfly
d) dragonfly and ant

What is the original source of energy for all living things?
a) air
b) water
c) soil
d) sun

What is deforestation?
a) removing soil from land
b) using paper products in a business
c) clearing forest lands
d) polluting a forest

Which one is a resource that all living things need?
a) soil
b) seeds
c) water
d) trees

A fox eats a chipmunk. Which statement is TRUE?
a) Both the fox and chipmunk are predators.
b) Both the fox and chipmunk are prey.
c) The fox is the predator and the chipmunk is prey.
d) The fox is the prey and the chipmunk is the predator.

Which type of animal mainly eats other animals?
a) omnivore
b) carnivore
c) herbivore
d) producer

After the sun, where does a food chain start?
a) with animals that eat grass
b) with animals that eat other animals
c) with plants that eat animals
d) with plants that make their own food

Which biome do cacti grow in?
a) Desert
b) Rainforest
c) Ocean
d) Deciduous Forest

Which of these statements is true about how living things get food?
a) Producers eat consumers.
b) Producers eat other producers.
c) Consumers eat only other consumers.
d) Consumers eat producers and other consumers.

Which biome is hot and gets a lot of rain?
a) Tundra
b) Desert
c) Rainforest
d) Grassland

When a predator population's food supply gets larger,
a) the predator population gets larger
b) the predator population dies
c) the predator population gets smaller
d) the predator population uses adaptations

What biome are you most likely to see a polar bear in?
a) Desert
b) Tundra
c) Rainforest
d) Deciduous Forest

Which is the driest biome?
a) Tropical Rainforest
b) Deciduous Forest
c) Desert
d) Ocean

Which aquatic biome is made of salt water?
a) freshwater
b) ocean

Which living thing breaks down dead plants and animals?
a) herbivores
b) scavengers
c) predators
d) decomposers

Which biome has 4 seasons (winter, summer, fall and spring)?
a) rainforest
b) deciduous forest
c) tundra

Which biome makes up 75% of Earth?
a) rainforest
b) desert
c) deciduous forest
d) ocean

Which of the following is an aquatic biome?
a) desert
b) ocean
c) forest
d) tundra

Which of the following is the coldest biome?
a) tundra
b) tropical rainforest
c) grassland
d) desert

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