SKILLS USA PDP REVIEW--4 Question Preview (ID: 1748)

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Stress is not
a) Chemical
b) Organic
c) Physical
d) Mental

In family-style dinners, the salt and pepper should be passed:
a) Separately
b) Together
c) Salt before pepper
d) Pepper before salt

What is the accepted gratunity for good service in a restaurant?
a) 5-10%
b) 15-20%
c) 25-50%
d) 50-60%

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a ______________impression.
a) Second
b) Last
c) First
d) Respectful

When representing SkillsUSA, your __________gives an important first impression.
a) Skill
b) Manners
c) Voice
d) Appearance

Some behaviors that would not be directly related to cultural diversity are the
a) Holidays celebrated
b) Types of food selected
c) Way an individual looks
d) Types of harassment

What term describes the forms and practices of correct behavior?
a) Etiquette
b) Competitive Spirit
c) Resume
d) Mores

Taking hotel
a) Fun
b) Expected
c) Stealing
d) All of the above

When meeting a female for the first time in a business setting, you could
a) offer your hand for a handshake
b) Give her a kiss
c) Comment on what she is wearing
d) Ignore her

According to the Leadership Handbook, a public speech should be broken down into what three basic parts?
a) Instruction, speech and summary
b) Opening, examples and review
c) Introduction, body and closing
d) Review, evidence and thank you

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