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The Pidemont haibitat is known for its _____ clay and rolling hills.
a) black
b) sandy
c) red
d) rocky

Quartz, marble, and granite can be found in the _________ habitat.
a) Piedmont
b) Mountain
c) Coastal Plains
d) Swamp and Marsh

_______________ is the highest point in Georgia.
a) Brass Bald Mountain
b) Brasstown Bald Mountain
c) Bald Mountain
d) Brass Mountain

Which habitat is home to over 27 species of salamanders?
a) Piedmont
b) Swamp and Marsh
c) Mountain
d) Coastal Plain

The fall line forms the _____ border of the Piedmont region.
a) northern
b) southern
c) eastern
d) western

The Piedmont region has forests of _____, _____, and ______.
a) hickory, elm, and pine
b) hickory, oak, and pine
c) pine, elm, cypress
d) pine, oak, and holly

Cove forests can be found in the _________ habitat.
a) Mountain
b) Piedmont
c) Swamp and Marsh
d) Desert

Which of the following words means how high something is above sea level?
a) coast lines
b) sea levels
c) mountains
d) elevation

A living thing is also known as an _________.
a) organism
b) habitat
c) ecosystem
d) environment

An area of gently rolling land between a coast and a mountain is the ________.
a) swamp and marsh
b) piedmont
c) middle region
d) ecosystem

All living and nonliving things that exist and interact in one place are known as_____.
a) a habitat
b) an ecosystem
c) an organism
d) a region

A place where a plant or animal lives is known as its _______.
a) house
b) environment
c) habitat
d) ecosystem

The Eastern screech owl and our nation's bird, the bald eagle, are found in the ___________ habitat.
a) ocean
b) coastal plains
c) swamp and marsh
d) piedmont

Some of Georgia's oldest ________ are found in the mountain region.
a) people
b) rocks
c) newspapers
d) animals

Birds like the nuthatch, warbler, and woodpecker have curved beaks that help them find seeds in the forest trees. They have short claws that help them grip and rest on tree branches. In which habitat would you most likely find them?
a) piedmont
b) swamp and marsh
c) mountain
d) ocean

Georgia's mountain habitat contains 2 mountain ranges. They are the _____________ and ______________.
a) Rocky Mountains and Blue Ridge
b) Appalachian and Rocky Mountains
c) Appalachian Plateau and the Blue Ridge Mountains
d) Georgian the Blue Ridge Mountains

If a bird has keen eyesight, sharp talons, and a sharp, curved, pointed beak is most likely will eat __________.
a) plants
b) nuts and berries
c) worms
d) meat, such as fish and small animals

River otters, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, and deer are animals that can be found in the ______________.
a) Piedmont
b) Mountains
c) Oceans
d) Coastal Plains

Salamanders, bobcats, gray foxes, beavers, and woodchucks can be found in the Georgia ___________.
a) Piedmont
b) Mountains
c) Coastal Plains
d) Swamps and Marshes

_____________ is the Cherokee name for Brasstown Bald.
a) Everlasting Mountain
b) Enotah
c) Okeefenokee
d) Kaneechewa

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