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Which correctly explains the term nullification?
a) to put on hold
b) to do away with
c) to ratify or approve
d) to amend or to change

According to the Missouri Compromise, slavery was not to exist north of what border?
a) Missouri's eastern border
b) Missouri's western border
c) Missouri's northern border
d) Missouri's southern border

Which accurately describes the Supreme Court ruling in the Dred Scott case?
a) Scott was now a free man with full rights
b) Dred Scott would be free upon returning to a free state
c) Scott was not a citizen therefore had no right to sue
d) Scott was a slave and would have to serve out the rest of his contract

Which accurately describes the southerns states reaction to the election of Abraham Lincolns in 1860?
a) They demanded a recout of votes
b) They began to secede from the Union
c) They immediately attacked Fort Sumter
d) They voted to protest Lincoln's election

Which individual, though he argued against secession, would become vice pressident of the Confederacy?
a) Jefferson Davis
b) Andrew Johnson
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Alexander Stephens

California entered the Uhion as a free state, the Fugitive Slave Act was enacted and voting would decided the issue of slavery in the future. These statements describe
a) Missouri Compromise
b) Compromise of 1850
c) Bleeding Kansas
d) Proclamation of 1763

What is states rights?
a) the belief that the needs of the state should come before the needs of the nation
b) the belief that the needs of the nation should come before the needs of the state
c) the belief that the needs of the state and the nation should be carefully balanced
d) the belief that the needs of the state should be carefully stated in the national constitution

What was the most common form of labor before the Civil War?
a) sharecropping
b) indentured servant
c) slavery
d) hourly paid worker

Why were people from Africa brought to Georiga?
a) to help fight Georgia's enemies
b) to help settle the backcountry
c) to be forced into labor
d) to help produce silk

The purpose of the Fugitive Slave Act was to
a) require that slaves had citizenship papers in order to obtain jobs
b) prevents blacks from testifying against whites in court trials
c) prevent slaves from having group gatherings or meetings
d) require slaves that had run away to go back to thier owners

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