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Watery fluid that contains urea and other wastes.
a) Gatorade
b) Urine
c) Kidneys
d) Urethra

Chemical produced in the body when proteins are broken down.
a) Glucose
b) Blood
c) Urea
d) Nicotine

Tiny filtering factories in your kidneys that remove waster from blood and produce urine.
a) kidney
b) ureter
c) nephron
d) bladder

sac-like muscular organ that stores urine
a) urinary bladder
b) ureter
c) urethra
d) kidney

Small tube connected to the urinary bladder where urine leaves the body.
a) ureters
b) urinary bladder
c) urine
d) urethra

Part of the urinary system that filters the blood
a) ureter
b) kidney
c) bladder
d) urine

What three places does excretion occur?
a) lungs, skin, urinary system
b) lungs, skin, reproductive system
c) urinary system only
d) digestive system only

How do kidneys help with excretion?
a) The kidneys move carbon dioxide out the lungs.
b) The kidneys produce sweat.
c) The kidneys clean and filter the blood.
d) The kidneys clean and filter your urine.

What is the process of expelling urine from the body?
a) urination
b) sweating
c) vomiting
d) bowel movement

Tiny tube that connects the kidney to the bladder
a) urethra
b) ureter
c) urinary bladder
d) trachea

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