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Lung cancer causes _____________ to grow in your lungs.
a) tumors
b) alveoli
c) tar
d) holes

What is the name of the passages that direct air into the lungs?
a) Trachea
b) esophagus
c) Bronchi
d) windpipe

What is the name of the tiny sac-like structures in the lungs that are surrounded with blood vessels?
a) lungs
b) bronchi
c) trachea
d) alveoli

What is a serious disease that destroys lung tissue and causes breathing difficulties?
a) Lung cancer
b) Emphysema
c) Atherosclerosis
d) No such disease

Nicotine is....
a) a stimulant drug.
b) colorless, odorless gas.
c) dark, sticky substance.
d) the name of a rock band.

When you inhale your...
a) your ribs contract, your diaphragm relaxes, and your lungs shrink.
b) your ribs get bigger and your lungs get smaller.
c) your diaphragm goes up and down quickly.
d) ribs expand, your diaphragm goes down, and your lungs fill with air.

What is found next to the alveoli to transport oxygen to the cells of the body?
a) A taxi
b) Arteries
c) Capillaries
d) Veins

What is another name for the windpipe?
a) lungs
b) trachea
c) pharynx
d) esophagus

What is the process that uses oxygen and glucose to create energy for your cells?
a) respiration
b) breathing
c) laughing
d) mitochondria

Which muscle moves down to make the body inhale?
a) Diaphragm
b) Lungs
c) Trachea
d) Alveoli

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