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The place where two bones meet is known as a(n)
a) Seam
b) Junction
c) Joint
d) Intersection

Which type of tissue connects muscle to bone?
a) Ligament
b) Tendon
c) Cartilage
d) Muscle

Which type of joint allows a side to side movement?
a) Hinge
b) Ball and Socket
c) Gliding
d) Pivot

Which bone in the body protects the human heart?
a) Sternum
b) Clavicle
c) Scapula
d) Humerus

From head to toes, which of the following bone sequences are in the correct order?
a) skull, clavicle, pelvis, ribs, tarsals
b) skull, scapula, humerus, patella, ribs
c) clavicle, sternum, mandible, femur
d) skull, clavicle, pelvis, femur, tibia

Which type of muscle is found primarily in major organs?
a) skeletal
b) rough
c) cardiac
d) smooth

What shape gives our bones the greatest amount of strength
a) triangular
b) cylindrical
c) rectangular
d) fixed

Which of the following bodily actions occur with the help of voluntary muscles?
a) talking
b) breathing
c) sneezing
d) digesting

Which of the following gases does the body take in during respiration?
a) carbon dioxide
b) helium
c) oxygen
d) nitrogen

What is the major organ on the respiratory system?
a) heart
b) kidney
c) stomach
d) lung

What is the passageway in the throat that is connected to the lungs?
a) alveoli
b) trachea
c) nasal cavity
d) larynx

There are millions of these tiny air sacs in the lungs
a) alveoli
b) larynx
c) epiglottis
d) trachea

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