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Which word is a clue to the infinitive verb?
a) be
b) to
c) will
d) is

Gerunds often take the place of what?
a) prepositions
b) adjectives
c) adverbs
d) nouns

Which sentence as a past participle?
a) I slept in my parked car.
b) My cat scratched the sofa with its claws.
c) Listening to the radio is a nice way to relax.
d) That hooting owl kept me awake all night.

Which sentence does NOT have a verbal?
a) He is fixing the broken door.
b) I have a singing voice in the alto range.
c) Teachers are grading papers today.
d) I am going to find the answer in my textbook.

Which sentence has present participle?
a) Barking can wake you early in the morning.
b) My dog is barking at the cars again!
c) My dog is a barking alarm clock.
d) My dog never gets tired of barking.

Which sentence has a gerund?
a) My dog is wagging its tail.
b) Walking is good exercise.
c) My mom is baking a cake for my birthday.
d) I am playing the piano for church on Sunday.

Which sentence has an infinitive?
a) You two have been my friends for a long time.
b) I am going to eat two hotdogs at lunch.
c) He is running to the store in his sneakers.
d) They will be learning about Georgia too.

What is the verbal in this sentence: Running comes natural to me.
a) gerund
b) infinitive
c) present participle
d) past participle

Which word is the gerund? Tomorrow, we will be jumping in P.E. class.
a) tomorrow
b) will be
c) jumping
d) There is no gerund in this sentence.

Which gerund is acting as a subject complement?
a) I had to take a nap after eating.
b) Dancing is so much fun!
c) That movie was heartbreaking!
d) Monkeys like jumping from tree to tree.

Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
a) The writing, class required many papers to be written.
b) The writing class, required many papers to be written.
c) The writing class required many papers, to be written.
d) The writing class required many papers to be written.

Identify the sentence with the verbal.
a) I am sending my sister a letter in the mail.
b) I am going to write my sister a letter today.
c) I wrote my sister a long letter yesterday morning.
d) I love my sister, so I am writing a letter to her.

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