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I have an object that is 0.79 g/cm3, what will happen when this object is placed in water?
a) sink
b) stay in the middle of the water
c) Float
d) disappear

How do you find the volume of a liquid?
a) triple beam balance
b) ruler
c) graduated cylinder
d) scale

If 30.943 grams of a liquid takes the space of 35.0 mL in a graduated cylinder, What is the density?
a) 1.13 mL
b) 1.13 g/cm3
c) 0.88 g/cm3
d) 0.88 mL

When a small rock was placed on a triple beam balance the 3 weights were at 100g, 20g, and 5.5g. What is the total weight in grams
a) 100,205.5 grams
b) 125.5 mL
c) 100,205.5 mL
d) 125.5 grams

An objects mass is 178 grams and its volume is 12 centimenters cubed, what is it's density?
a) 14.83 cm3
b) 0.067 g/cm3
c) 0.067 cm3
d) 14.83 g/cm3

An 28.5 gram of iron was added to a graduated cylinder containing 45.5 mL of water. The water level rises to 49.1 mL. What is the density of iron?
a) 7.91 g/cm3
b) 0.12 g/cm3
c) 32 g/cm3
d) 24.4 g/cm3

What is the density of water?
a) 4 g/cm3
b) 2 g/cm3
c) 1 g/cm3
d) 15 g/cm3

I found an object to be 28.6g, what did I find?
a) Mass
b) Volume
c) Density
d) Weight

I found there are 56mL of a liquid in a graduated cylinder, what did I find?
a) Mass
b) Volume
c) Density
d) Weight

An object is 12cm by 2.4cm by 1.2cm, what is the volume?
a) 15.6 centimeters cubed
b) 34.56 centimeters squared
c) 34.56 centimeters cubed
d) 15.6 centimeters squared

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