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Donor Services.

How often is an allogeneic donor eligible to donate whole blood?
a) 42 days
b) 56 days
c) 30 days
d) 21 days

Which of the following donors is NOT acceptable for an allogenic whole blood donation?
a) Age = 18, Weight = 105 lbs, Temperature = 37.0 degrees C, Blood Pressure = 120/80
b) Age = 68, Weight = 180, Temperature = 37.0 degrees C, Blood Pressure = 110/80
c) Age = 70, Weight = 220, Temperature = 37.3 degrees C, Blood Pressure = 110/60
d) Age = 25, Weight = 130, Temperature = 36.5 degrees C, Blood Pressure = 150/ 90

How long is the defferal period for a tattoo or skin piercing?
a) 12 months
b) 1 month
c) 24 months
d) 6 months

True or False - Only red blood cells need to be tracked from beginning to final disposition.
a) True
d) False

All of the following are types of autologous donations EXCEPT:
a) Preoperative
b) Semioperative
c) Acute normovolemic dilution
d) Intraoperative

True of False - Directed donors must meet the same donor criteria as allogenic donors.
a) True
d) False

The donor collection process must include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Provision of post donation instructions
b) Beverage/snack
c) Donor identification
d) Aseptic technique

What is the minimum platelet count for a donor to donate an apheresis platelet?
a) 100,000 platelets/uL
b) 300,000 platelets/uL
c) 1,500,000 platelets/uL
d) 150,000 platelets/uL

Which of the following tests are NOT performed on all blood donations
a) Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
b) Antibody to Human T-cell lymphotrophic virus
c) Antibody to Hepatitis A
d) Antibody to Hepatitis C virus

When does lookback need to be performed?
a) Donor is confirmed positive (initial and supplemental test positive) for HIV and HBsAg
b) Donor is confirmed positive (initial and supplemental test positive) for HIV and HCV
c) Donor tests positive on initial tests for HIV and HCV
d) Donor has a positive antibody screen

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