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Catholic priest who led a revolt against Spanish Rule around 1810
a) mestizos
b) Miguel Hidalgo
c) missions
d) Benito Juarez

first Mexican president of Indian heritage
a) mestizos
b) Miguel Hidalgo
c) missions
d) Benito Juarez

church outposts in colonial Mexico
a) mestizos
b) peninsula
c) missions
d) house

People of mixed European and Indian ancestry
a) mestizos
b) peninsula
c) Miguel Hidalgo
d) missions

What was one of the first things people saw when they arrived in the New York Harbor?
a) Yankee Stadium
b) The White House
c) The Statue of Liberty
d) The Empire State Building

Health officers would board the ships to look for something. What would they be looking for?
a) who had tickets
b) who was taller enough to board the ships
c) what country people were from
d) signs of diseases

How long did the immigration process usually take?
a) 3-5 hours
b) 2-3 days
c) 1 day
d) 1 week

Where were most of the immigrants who came through Ellis Island from?
a) Asia
b) Eastern and southern Europe
c) South America
d) Australia

Why did most people immigrate to the United States at that time?
a) to escape poverty and religious intolerance
b) better food
c) bigger houses
d) to escape slavery

Who conquered the Aztecs?
a) Miguel Hidalgo
b) Hernan Cortes
c) Benito Juarez
d) Vicente Fox

Most Mexicans speak Spanish because
a) of Spanish influence in colonial times.
b) they used to live in Spain.
c) the Indian languages and Spanish are very similar.
d) About 90 percent of Mexican citizens were born in Spain.

Priests taught Indians Spanish and Catholicism at church outposts known as
a) haciendas.
b) chinampas.
c) maquiladoras.
d) Missions.

A problem in Mexico City that is made worse by the surrounding mountains is
a) corruption
b) congestion
c) smog
d) poverty

Which of the following was an achievement of the Maya?
a) They studied the stars and developed a detailed calendar.
b) They built chinampas.
c) They conquered neighboring tribes and made them pay taxes.
d) They domesticated an early form of corn.

To whom did the Spanish monarch grant haciendas?
a) favored people of Spanish ancestry
b) the Aztecs
c) Indian peasants
d) Mestizos

Approximately when did the Maya civilization collapse?
a) after 1500
b) after 900
c) before 1500bc
d) after 1300

Where did the Olmec live?
a) on the Yucatan Peninsula
b) on the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico
c) in central Mexico
d) on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec

What is the vegetation like in northern Mexico?
a) desert plants, dry grasslands
b) lush, tropical rain forests
c) scrub forest
d) fertile farmland

elected in 2000, the first president to represent a different political party in Mexico for 71 years
a) Vicente Fox
b) Benito Juarez
c) Miguel Hidalgo
d) haciendas

U.S. and foreign-owned factories in Mexico
a) haciendas
b) inflation
c) maquiladoras
d) smog

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