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It was an absurd idea. Members of the Flat Earth Society still believe the ___ idea that the world is flat.
a) pretentious
b) primordial
c) preposterous
d) preempt

A common command is Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a common ___ of many of the world's religions.
a) premonition
b) prime
c) preempt
d) precept

Some of the plants were primeval. As the oldest plants on earth, ferns are ___ survivors in domestic gardens.
a) primordial
b) preposterous
c) pretentious
d) premonition

The author had an impact on the future. Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, devoted her life to saving the environment for ___.
a) posterity
b) prime
c) primate
d) precept

The king had a warning in advance. Having a ___ of the coming French Revolution, King Louis XVI said, After me, the flood.
a) precept
b) premonition
c) vanguard
d) primate

The most important character. A teacher who thinks that she has reached the best period of her life is the central character in Muriel Spark's novel The ___ of Miss Jean Brodie.
a) Posterity
b) Vanguard
c) Prime
d) Premonition

Monkeys, apes or humans. Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey have contributed greatly to the study of ___ in Africa, where many species of apes and monkeys are endangered.
a) posterity
b) premonitions
c) primates
d) vanguards

Showy. In a ___ display of wealth, Cornelius Vanderbilt provided his dinner guests with little gold shovels for digging into a tray of sand for gemstones.
a) primate
b) pretentious
c) precept
d) primordial

Which pair of words have the definitons for: A warning:already been determined by higher power
a) forecast : weather
b) expectation : fulfillment
c) fear : accident
d) warning : fate

A prime minister or head of state. premier: country::
a) cowboy: herd
b) musicians: orchestra
c) president: company
d) teacher: school

Showy is not related to a place. Which word is not related to a place?
a) anterior
b) posterior
c) pretentious
d) prime

A prefix is not a full word. Which one of the following is not a prefix?
a) ante
b) post
c) pre
d) primus

Post=After Which word does not include first or ahead as part of its meaning?
a) antecedent
b) posterior
c) premier
d) prime

To take possession of something has nothing to do with era.
a) antebellum
b) preempt
c) primeval
d) primordial

Lucy was an ancient human. n 1959, Mary Leakey discovered the bones of Lucy, a ___ ancestor of modern humans.
a) premier
b) preposterous
c) pretentious
d) primeval

Kahlo became more famous after her death. Although Frida Kahlo's paintings did not achieve commercial success during her lifetime, near the end of the 20th century she acquired ___ fame.
a) posterior
b) posthumous
c) preempted
d) prime

Which word mentions the Civil War? Before the Civil War, the cotton plantations of the ___ South depended on British textile companies for their markets.
a) antebellum
b) anterior
c) avant-garde
d) primordial

Aisha was in the foremost position of an army or fleet.Aisha, wife of the Prophet Mohammed, was in the ___ of soldiers at the Battle of the Camel in A.D. 656.
a) avant-garde
b) posterity
c) primate
d) vanguard

Arthur's success has already been determined. ___ determines Arthur's success at pulling the sword, Excalibur, from its stone.
a) Antecedent
b) Precept
c) Predestination
d) Premonition

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