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Another name for the Georgia barrier islands is...
a) The Gold Idols
b) The Golden Islands
c) The Golden Isles
d) The Cold Islands

What is the name of the near-shore live bottom reef off the coast of Georgia?
a) The Great Barrier Reef
b) Gray's Reef
c) Georgia's Reef
d) Atlantic Ocean Reef

Which of the following animals comes ahore to lay its eggs on the barrier islands?
a) Northern Right Whale
b) Manta Rays
c) Seahorses
d) Loggerhead Sea Turltes

What is Georgia's State Marine mammal?
a) Blue Whale
b) Northern Right Whale
c) Black Bear
d) Georgian Blowfish

Which of the following animals found in the Coastal Plains is endangered and near extinction?
a) muskrat
b) wild hog
c) right whale
d) pocket gopher

Which of the following animals found in the Coastal Plain can grow up to 300 pounds?
a) bog turtle
b) bull frog
c) alligator snapping turtle
d) king cobra

A _______ is a sandy strip of land offshore that protects the mainland.
a) sand dune
b) sand bar
c) barrier island
d) continental shelf

What percent of Georgia is considered Coastal Plains?
a) 25%
b) 60%
c) 75%
d) 33%

Which Georgia habitat has sandy soil that makes it ideal for farming?
a) Coastal Plains
b) The Beach
c) Piedmont
d) Swamp and Marsh

Where would you most likely find sea oats, pennyworts, and morning glories?
a) salt marshes
b) sand dunes
c) in the ocean
d) Piedmont

Where would you most likely find sea oats, pennworts, and morning glories?
a) salt marshes
b) in the ocean
c) sand dunes
d) Piedmont

In which habitat would you most likely find plants such as live oaks, cypress trees, and the saw palmetto?
a) Coastal Plains
b) Ocean
c) Piedmont
d) Mountains

In which habitat would you find bog turtles, alligator snapping turtles, muskrats, and wild hogs?
a) Ocean
b) Mountains
c) Piedmont
d) Coastal Plains

What plant, also known as the air plant, is found hanging from trees in coastal cities such as Savannah?
a) the Saw Palmetto
b) Spanish Moss
c) Cypress Tree
d) Sea Oats

When most of Georgia was covered in water, what was the Coastal Plains region?
a) the swamp
b) the Coastal Plains was never under water
c) the Atlantic Ocean
d) The Pacific Ocean

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