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All plant and animal cells are:
a) dead
b) eukaryotic
c) prokaryotic
d) independent

Plant cells have a large central vacuole to:
a) package proteins
b) generate energy for the cell
c) provide structure
d) store water to maintain turgor pressure

A group of similar cells working together make:
a) tissue
b) organs
c) organelles
d) chocolate cake

Where would you find the DNA in a eukaryotic cell?
a) In Middle Earth, near Mordor
b) In the nucleus
c) floating randomly in the cell
d) in the mitochondria

All cells have which of the following:
a) cytoplasm
b) chloroplasts
c) cell wall
d) flagella

Which type of cells made up the first life on Earth?
a) Eukaryotes
b) Animal cells
c) fungi
d) Prokaryotes

To perform photosynthesis, the chloroplasts must produce:
a) Proteins
b) water
c) chlorophyll
d) methane gas

Organs work together to form:
a) organ systems
b) an organism
c) cells
d) tissue

Which is not part of cell theory?
a) Cells come from other cells
b) All life is made of cells
c) Cells are all the same size
d) Cells are the basic building blocks of life

Which of these organelles is found in animal cells, but not plant cells?
a) nucleus
b) chloroplasts
c) cell wall
d) lysosomes

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