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What is the term given to an unpaid experience in which you observe and participate in a specific occupation?
a) Coop
b) Apprenticeship
c) Internship
d) Job shadowing

Professional development activities assist students in making a smooth transition from education into the _________
a) World of work
b) Professional society
c) Management world
d) all of the above

How many applications should you ask for?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

If you wanted to find out about welding you should?
a) ask your friend who you want fries with that at their job
b) Reference the DOT book
c) Ask your principal
d) none of the above

Businesses ask which of the following questions to determine customer satisfaction
a) Are you satisfied?
b) How are we doing?
c) Where can we improve?
d) All of the above

Time management skills are use for
a) Work time
b) party time
c) leisure time
d) all of the above

The Professional Development Program defines two types of goals__________and __________.
a) defined/resonable
b) personal/measurable
c) Short/long term
d) measurable/visual

Which term describes a person\'s income before any deductions
a) interest
b) gross
c) net
d) viability

Which information should not be included on a resume?
a) religious beleifs
b) former employers
c) awards
d) full legal name

Who decides ultimately whether you succeed or fail?
a) your teacher
b) your friends
c) your parents
d) you and you alone

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