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Why was India called the jewel in the crown?
a) It was the most valuable of all of Britain's colonies.
b) It had a vast supply of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.
c) The sepoys were a perfect model of successful imperialism.
d) The success of India's self-sufficient economy strengthened Britain.

Why is Ram Mohun Roy considered the Father of Modern India?
a) He campaigned for a national railway system that would link India with Bengal.
b) He called for an end to traditional practices such as arranged child marriages.
c) He believed that Hindus and Muslims needed to join economic forces.
d) He led the Sepoy Mutiny against the East India Company.

Why did Western nations desire lands in the Pacific Rim?
a) because Europe had already conquered Africa and South America
b) because Pacific Rim lands were considered the jewel in the crown
c) because of their natural resources and strategic location
d) because Western nations had lost their foothold in Africa

Why did thousands of Boers move north in the Great Trek?
a) to escape the Zulu
b) to escape the British
c) to escape the Dutch
d) to escape the Afrikaners

Why did the Maji Maji rebellion fail?
a) East Africans lost faith in their spiritual leader moments before the battle began.
b) German reinforcements arrived as the East Africans were about to win.
c) Internal conflict divided East African leaders.
d) East Africans erroneously believed that magic water would protect them from bullets.

Why did the British style of government in Nigeria work better with the Hausa-Fulani than the Igbo and Yoruba?
a) The Igbo and Yoruba were forced to give up their lands to Hausa-Fulani leaders.
b) Unlike the Igbo and Yoruba, the Hausa-Fulani were allowed to keep their chiefs.
c) The Hausa-Fulani were accustomed to a strong central government.
d) The Igbo and Yoruba were no longer allowed to keep their nomadic ways.

Why did some U.S. business leaders want Hawaii to be annexed to the United States?
a) It would improve trade with Pacific Rim countries.
b) Sugar could be sold for higher profits.
c) They wanted U.S. military support against Hawaiian royalty.
d) They feared that French Indochina might conquer Hawaii.

What was Britain's state reason for taking control of the Suez Canal?
a) France traded control of the Suez Canal to England in exchange for control of Nigeria.
b) Muhammad Ali considered maintaining its security against Menelik's Ethiopia a burden.
c) Due to Muhammad Ali's public works projects, Egypt was unable to repay British bankers.
d) The British freed the Egyptians from French occupation under Napoleon.

Why did American sugar planters overthrow Queen Liliuokalani?
a) She levied a tax on sugar.
b) She wanted to restore the political power of the native Hawaiians.
c) She launched a surprise attack on their ships anchored in Pearl Harbor.
d) She passed laws restricting the ability of non-native Hawaiians to own property or vote in Hawaiian elections.

Which U.S. interest group pushed for the annexation of Hawaii?
a) sugar-cane planters
b) railroad builders
c) religious missionaries
d) shipbuilders

Which of the following was modernized by King Mongkut and Chulalongkorn?
a) Siam
b) Singapore
c) Malaysia
d) Hawaii

Which of the following leaders used modernization to successfully keep their countries from foreign control?
a) Muhammad Ali
b) Emilio Aguinaldo
c) Mongkut
d) Shaka

Which of the following lost the Crimean War?
a) Russia
b) France
c) Britain
d) the Ottoman Empire

Which European monarch lost an African colony based on worldwide pressure related to human rights abuses?
a) Belgium's King Leopold II lost the Congo.
b) Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany lost Swaziland.
c) Britain's Queen Victoria lost South Africa.
d) Francesco Crispi of Italy lost Ethiopia.

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