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What is it called when a governor does NOT sign a bill into a law
a) veto
b) county
c) meridans
d) bill

The smaller parts a state is split into
a) parallels
b) county
c) constitution
d) meridian

lines of longitude are also called
a) meridians
b) municipal government
c) executive branch
d) olive

branch of government that makes laws
a) legislative
b) judicial
c) executive
d) olive

lines that cross each other on a map
a) degrees
b) constitution
c) grid
d) map

local government is also called
a) latitude
b) meridians
c) municipal
d) state

how are longitude and latitude measured?
a) feet
b) degrees
c) miles
d) inches

The governor is the head of which branch of government?
a) legislative
b) executive
c) judicial
d) olive

lines that measure how far north and south
a) longitude
b) latitude
c) tax
d) highway

the branch of government that decides if someone has broken the law
a) legislative
b) executive
c) judicial
d) olive

the people and laws that run a town, city, county, state, and country
a) government
b) tax
c) constitution
d) laws

another name for lines of latitude
a) grid
b) parallel
c) degrees
d) constitution

lines that measure how far east and west
a) longitude
b) latitude
c) degrees
d) feet

the plan of government or laws is written in this
a) meridians
b) constitutions
c) government
d) laws

Where do governments get their money?
a) county
b) checks and balances
c) taxes
d) government

system of sharing power
a) borrow
b) constitution
c) legislative branch
d) checks and balances

Which is a duty of the local government?
a) local roads
b) state roads
c) state parks
d) age to vote

before an idea can become the law, it is first a
a) steve
b) bill
c) jon
d) bob

If the governor vetoes a bill, then can the assembly revote?
a) yes
b) no
c) only on Tuesdays
d) yes, after Christmas

What do taxes pay for?
a) tires
b) clothing
c) city workers
d) nothing

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