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Meetings of the great powers of Europe to maintain peace
a) Congress of Vienna
b) Industrial Capitalism
c) Realpolitik
d) Concert of Europe

Belief that people owe loyalty to a nation
a) industrial captialism
b) nationalsim
c) loyalism
d) conservativism

emphasized feelings and imagination as sources of knowing
a) realism
b) romantism
c) nationalism
d) imaginationsim

published On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
a) Henry Cort
b) Napoleon Bonaparte
c) Charles Darwin
d) Charles Dickens

Who threatened the church's view of the universe?
a) Napoleon Bonaparte
b) Olympe de Gouges
c) Galieleo
d) Robespierre

Gelileleo believed in a ________________ universe
a) geocentric
b) heliocentric
c) dominant
d) circular

The church told people they should believe in a ___________________ universe
a) geocentric
b) heliocentric
c) absolute
d) godly

Railroads contributed to the Industrial Revolution by
a) Allowing easier transport of goods
b) Using up resources
c) Capitalism
d) Industrializing

When the demand for a product goes up, the price of that product goes up unless
a) The king bans it
b) People change their minds
c) Industrialist put trade embargo on their enemies
d) Entrepreneurs find a way to meet the demand

Railroads contributed to the Industrial Revolution by
a) reusing valuable iron as foder
b) Promoting urbanization, because their bring people from outside the city to the factories
c) Meeting the demand for cheap labor by employing men as engineers and conductors
d) Connecting the colonies to their motherlands

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