SKILLS USA PDP TEST--1 Question Preview (ID: 1744)

A Review Game For The PDP Portion Of The Test. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

When assembling your portfolio for employment in your profession, which of the following should NOT be included in your portfolio
a) Resume
b) letters of recommendation
c) job application
d) samples of your best work

After you have been hired by a company and before you can be paid, you will have to complete a federal form that tells the employer how many deductions you will claim for taxes. What is the name of this form?
a) W4
b) 1040
c) W2
d) 1040A

When seeking employment, you should
a) know what the company does
b) have an appointment in advance
c) know the name of the person you are meeting
d) all of the above

Who would you ask to write a letter of reference?
a) boyfriend/girlfriend
b) teachers/employers
c) parents
d) relatives other than parents

What is a resume?
a) a summary to help you sell yourself to a prospective employer
b) a long documented listing of your life history
c) a handwritten document given to an employer during an interview
d) a list of your extracurricular activities

When completing the past employment section on an application, in what order should jobs be listed?
a) start with your first job
b) start with your current or most recent job
c) the order is not important
d) start with the job most related to your career objective

What is the written statement from a person in authority who acts as an endorsement of your positive attributes?
a) application
b) resume
c) Letter of recommendation
d) portfolio

A ____________is a collection of work representing education, self-development and career information
a) job application
b) reward
c) Portfolio
d) resume

What color of pen should be used when filling out a job application
a) Pencil
b) blue or black
c) red
d) green

Which of the following does not belong in a portfolio?
a) photos or videos of your projects
b) letters of recommendation
c) documentation of community service
d) all of the above belong in a portfolio

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