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France's chief tax
a) waterloo
b) elba
c) taille
d) coup d'etat

demanded equal political rights for women from the new French National Assembly
a) Maximilien Roberspierre
b) Jacobin club
c) Olympe de Gouges
d) Paris Commune

Lawmaking body established by the Constitution of 1791
a) Napoleonic Code
b) Legislative Assembly
c) Elba
d) Paris Commune

Large network of political groups throughout France
a) Jacobin Club
b) Napoleonic Code
c) Paris Commune
d) Elba

head of the Committee for Public Safety
a) Olympe de Gouges
b) Maximilien Robespierre
c) Jacobin Club
d) Napoleon

A sudden overthrow of the government
a) taille
b) elba
c) jacobin
d) coup d'etat

preserved most of the rights of the people gained by the revolution
a) legislative assembly
b) waterloo
c) paris commune
d) Napoleonic code

Island off the coast of Tuscany, where Napoleon was first exiled
a) Waterloo
b) Paris commune
c) Elba
d) Napoleonic Code

Site of Napoleon's final defeat
a) Waterloo
b) Elba
c) Jacobin
d) Paris

The storming of _______________ began the French Revolution
a) Guillotine
b) Directory
c) Bastille
d) Germaine de Dtael

Wife of King Louis XVI
a) Marie Antoinette
b) St. Helena
c) Maximilien Robespierre
d) Directory

Used by the revolutionaries to execute opponents
a) bastille
b) directory
c) girondins
d) guillotine

Government overthrown by Napoleon's coup d'etat
a) Continental System
b) Republic of Virtue
c) Directory
d) St. Helena

Napoleon's plan to weaken the British economy
a) guillotine
b) civil constitution of the clergy
c) st. helena
d) continental system

Island on which Napoleon died
a) Elba
b) St Helena
c) Republic of Virtue
d) Bastille

Production done by individuals in their homes
a) cottage industry
b) industrial captialism
c) relpolitk
d) nationalism

He developed puddling
a) Charles Darwin
b) Gustave Courbet
c) Henry Cort
d) Concert of Europe

Economic system based on industrial production
a) cottage industry
b) industrial captialism
c) concert of europe
d) congress of vienna

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